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Advertising platform specialized exclusively in push notifications

Push notifications have an incredible ROI and high conversion ratio, so in WhatPush we specialize in monetization through push notifications as an alternative to other advertising platforms without being exclusive.

Push Notifications
The best Tool to Monetize

Increase your sales and build your customers

Our Team

Our team has specialized in developing the best system of push notifications for our users:

Promote your products or services efficiently.

Optimize the brand experience and ensure your loyalty

Turn your users into loyal and committed customers.

Increase your sales and highlight the notoriety of the brand.

Maintain contact with your target audience

our features

24/7 Support

Effective support of the publisher and the advertiser. We solute quickly and effective any real time incidence. We know how important it is for our clients to have continuous support, so we are 24/7.

Best conversion ratio

We report the best conversion rate of the market for our users, advertisers and publishers. In WhatPush we are clear that the conversion ratio reflects the effectiveness and satisfaction of customers.

We protect the reputation of your website

We do not send intrusive campaigns or immoral content that may affect the name of your website. We want to help you to have authority in your sector and be a reference in the search engines.

Committed to the user experience

We understand the preferences of our users and the experience they want to have both at the level of advertisers and publishers, which is why our practices are consistent with it.

We report the highest ROI in the market

Being the pioneer platform exclusively for push notifications, we generate an ROI greater than any other in the market. It is precisely to meet the specific needs of our users in terms of push notifications.

We are the platform with the greatest possibility of conversion

Our push notifications are more effective than email marketing and traditional advertising reporting better CTR ratios in the market.


It has never been so easy to convert, now it is possible with push notifications through WhatPush

The advantages that our users have


  • Monetize registered users indefinitely
  • Greater conversion, which will double your income
  • You can increase your income because it is compatible with AdSense
  • Extraordinary user experience
  • We pay you commissions from $ SUS 5 generated. Making the payment in less than 48 hours
  • 100% compatible with Adsense
  • Friendly monetization with SEO


  • Buy guaranteed traffic
  • Better indexing in Google
  • The traffic that we send you is truly interested in your product or service
  • You can start your campaign with a low investment
  • You will get traffic on your website from the first minute
  • Type of advertising with the highest ROI in the market
  • Possibilities of doing retargeting

About us

WhatPush is an alternative and self-service advertising platform specialized in push notifications. Our system of push notifications is the best alternative to increase the conversion ratios and the retention of users offering the highest ROI in the market. WhatPush is a platform specially designed for publishers and advertisers.

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Address:  5040 NW 7TH ST, MIAMI, FL 33166 (United States)


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