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Why be an Advertiser on WhatPush

  • Guaranteed traffic purchases, each click is a geolocated human, that is, they are real users.
  • There is a high segmentation, you can segment by country, type of device, interest or other alternatives.
  • The traffic that we send you is interested in your product or service, web, blog, this user has clicked on the Push notification to see your campaign.
  • Branding. The users who do not click on your push notification, in the same way they will see you and you will not have to pay for it.
  • Type of advertising with the highest ROI in the market. ROI superior to email marketing. Through push notifications, the results of your campaigns are maximized, being more economical than e-mail marketing.
  • We report a higher ROI to Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising in E-commerce, marketplace, lead generation and other alternative monetizations.
  • You will get traffic on your website from the first minute, improving your conversion rate and even SEO (Indexing user engagement)
  • Low investment. You can start your campaign with an initial minimum deposit of $ US26
  • Possibilities of doing Retargeting about the users that visit you.
  • We allow campaigns not accepted in Google ADS AND FACEBOOK ADS, previously authorized by users. Casinos, bets, sale of medicines, among others.
  • When using push notifications you index better in Google.

Motivations to be an advertiser in WhatPush

We are experts in innovation and creation of new monetization alternatives. 

Search IA to optimize the results of the advertiser. 

We decide at what time and what people we send the notification, looking for the maximum conversion of your campaign. 

We will increase your sales / income from the first day. We generate 100% real traffic. 

You only pay per click, so you have absolute control of your investment.

High segmentation: by country, device, interest and other alternatives.

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More advantages of push notifications

Strategies to take into account in push notifications to optimize
One of the most important elements when sending push notifications is consistency. It is not advisable to use different channels if the sent messages are fragmented, but to generate a unified experience to create a real engagement with customers who have visited a website and have real motivation possibilities to continue with their purchase. In WhatPush we optimize your push notification campaigns.
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More optimization
The strategies must be focused on generating relevant messages for each client, innovative and creative. Consumers move to perform actions, so it is important to optimize the sending of push notifications through appropriate technology that we have in WhatPush.
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Greater possibilities
It is seen that email marketing is ending its productive stage for marketing and survives the limitations of the GDPR. That is why alternatives such as push notifications are born, which include a value in their conversion strategy. Push notifications are a potential channel that companies and diverse brands must use to create engagement with customers, increase conversions and optimize online revenues.
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Your questions. Our answers

We have a software IA to prevent fraud, which analyzes all users and their behavior, therefore all the traffic you buy is legitimate.

Thanks to our self-service platform, your campaigns will be approved and you will get traffic in a few minutes. We are happy to work in real time with your project and campaign.

This advertising channel has a better performing ads than traditional formats (On click ads, Popup ads, Pop under and interstitial).

We classify all our users by interest groups, improving the conversion of your campaigns. We only send traffic that is interested in your same ad category.

We have a global audience of non-incentivized users in more than 150 countries

About us

WhatPush is an alternative and self-service advertising platform specialized in push notifications. Our system of push notifications is the best alternative to increase the conversion ratios and the retention of users offering the highest ROI in the market. WhatPush is a platform specially designed for publishers and advertisers.

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Address:  5040 NW 7TH ST, MIAMI, FL 33166 (United States)


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