How to efficiently use push web notifications in 2019

Push web notifications are an excellent marketing tool, since it allows you to keep in touch with your customers constantly and persuasively, not intrusively. In the same way that you can connect or stay connected, pus web notifications become incisors messages sent in an excessive manner, which would cause the opposite objective to what we really want to obtain. Therefore, when we decided to use this valuable tool, we raised interesting questions such as: How can I carry out successful campaigns with push web notifications? What practices should be used for effective notifications? What should I do to be intrusive with my push campaigns ?, among many other questions that arise when applying this monetization tool.

When you use this marketing tool, try to break schemes and take advantage of your direct input to your device to build lasting and permanent relationships. We can apply appropriate practices to achieve our goals in the development of campaigns with push notifications:

Improvement of the push notification rate:

• Increase in the subscription rate: this implies that users voluntarily subscribe to the notifications, this being the starting point for an adequate optimization of the campaign.

• Lower the level of cancellation of the subscription: This is achieved through attractive campaigns, which provide real value to subscribers.


How push notifications are created that are really optimized: As soon as the subscriber accepts the notification, attractive and dynamic push campaigns must be created and designed. There are 4 key points to develop successful push web notifications:

Time: at what time the notification should be sent.

Environment: The opportune moment to land.

Content: What will be the title, the description and a call to action (in a short message there is a complete strategy).

Target: Who will receive push notifications. One relevant aspect to take into account to create different and impact push notifications is to take into account the differences of one campaign with respect to another, that is, it is different to create a campaign for a vehicle dealer than for a pharmaceutical laboratory.

So we must always keep in mind what type of product or service we offer to design suitable and impact campaigns. It is very important to analyze, adjust and re-analyze push web notification campaigns until the strategy is sufficiently fine-tuned.

We will expand each of the key points to understand in depth how to perform the best pus notification strategy.

The time: when we should send a push notification

It is a key aspect of the most complex to carry out, since every company wants to be timely and not on the contrary use the wrong moment, so the strategy would be directed incorrectly to happen the latter.

• When the notification is sent at the wrong time, surely the users feel that it is an intrusive model.

• The user will surely finish the service.

• They lower the opening rates.

It is important to note that automatic notifications are sent immediately in the browser. Push web notifications are sent in real time and likewise consumed by users and will not be stored anywhere. In this way, it is so complex to send at the right time to obtain the expected results. The right moment will always be different, since it depends on the segmentation of the clients.

The right way to start sending push notifications

Take into account the different geolocated time zones: your users are usually from different countries, so you must take into account the time of each one you select for your strategy or otherwise you will not be welcome, becoming intrusive.

Clients have established routines, behaviors, keep this aspect in mind: each company has a different strategy and with it ideal customers for this strategy, so, by having a specific approach towards a niche in the market, you can design an idea to the measure of your customers.

When sending each notification, you will be clear when your users are most active and thus determine the best time, according to the routine. You should always keep in mind that each user is different and therefore the right time will also be different.

Content: a key aspect that consolidates your push notification strategy

The content is divided into several parts:

Title, especially attractive.

Motivating description.

Web icon Image.

Call to action to captivate your users.             

We will define each of them to better understand how we should do it:

Title of the push notification: Being the starting point to attract your client, because it is what you will see first, it is very important to move towards the objective of the shipment. It must be a powerful title, capable of attracting the user’s attention so that users click.

The best way to develop a web push notification title

It must issue a concrete and sufficiently clear message: using forceful and intelligent words to impact, because its characters have limitations. That clearly indicates what your message is about.

An important aspect to take into account is to generate urgency in the title: because the notifications are consumed in real time. The title should make the client understand that he must do something and that will be to click.

Attractive: Develop a title that draws the attention of your user, that makes him think and act. When we arouse the curiosity of the user will surely click on the push notification. The use of emojis is a very attractive way to capture the attention of your users. It is proven that there is a significant increase in openness with the use of emojis.

How to adequately describe a web push notification

This aspect is vital, since it is the moment in which you are going to transmit the desired message. To do this you must specifically explain your added value, because you are sending this notification. The description must be consistent with the title, that is, be aligned.

You must bear in mind the following for the description:

• Concordance of the title with the description

• Expose your proposal, advantages, benefits, if your user clicks on the notification.

• Concise, brief and dynamic information.

• Logo or icon to be identified.

The images are very important because they become attractive messages for users. Using the right image increases even your conversion possibilities.

How to make a correct call to action:

The users, once they read the notifications, want to know if they will do something else and that is what you must take into account, what is the step that your users will follow when opening your web push notification or otherwise the number of clicks will be reduced , so you should guide him on what he will do.

Examples that we can take into account Call to Action:

• Do it for free

• I want to get free

• Access for free

• Start my test without cost

Benefits of applying correct Call to Action: You can generate benefits, advantages, something creative that attracts users.

Examples of benefits:

• Download the coupon

• Get a discount

• Download E-Book

As we can see, each of the parts in which a push notification is divided is important to develop it with a clear strategy to obtain the expected results.

Target: Who will receive your push notifications

We must bear in mind that users are different, so they must be segmented, which will increase the number of clicks in your notification (CTR) in a high percentage.

What to keep in mind to segment your users for sending notifications

You can segment according to:

• Geolocation

• Mobile device

• Gender

• Age

• Behavior: Segmentation is a key aspect of relevance, because it will increase your chances of conversion and is even greater when you take into account the behavior of your users to base their actions. So you can customize your push notifications much more consistent with the behavior of the user.

Example of strategy based on behavior: In an E-commerce, if you created a segmentation by category, you can detect in which category you normally buy and generate notifications that complement your purchases in that category.

As we explained to you at the beginning of this post, all aspects should be taken into account when developing your web push notifications sending strategy, where with security if you take into account all of the above, both your CTR and your increase in the conversion will be much higher than when sending without clear strategy and previously defined.

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