It is better to use Push Web Notifications or E-mail marketing

If you are new to the network or have years of experience, surely, you have used various tools to attract users and convert them into potential clients.

Possibly, one of your greatest tools for attracting customers has been the use of E-mail marketing, with good results, but with many difficulties, obstacles to be solved, but in the continuous search between one tool and another, you have heard about push notifications web, to captivate users to your website and perform an arduous and continuous activity and turn them into effective customers.

Despite the fact that web push notifications are a relatively new tool at the marketing level, it has transformed the monetization process into practically immediate results, for those who know positioning and conversion require dedication, effort and the sum of a series of tools to obtain the results.

Therefore, in this post we want to emphasize the advantages of using web push notifications versus e-mail marketing. Are there limitations? Is the reach of users the same? Should both be used in a digital marketing strategy? We will answer these questions that will help your own monetization strategy.

Web push notifications as the main conversion tool

Specifically, web push notifications are responsible for reaching the user’s browser with relevant information in a segmented and geolocated manner.

In essence, it is a tool of agile contact with the client, where he interacts in real time and decides if he wants to have you on his device. It is clear that e-mail marketing has been a successful tool for years, but we must emphasize that web push notifications have competitive advantages that can replace the e-mail marketing strategy with extraordinary results.

We emphasize that if you want to make a campaign fully accepted by your users in record time you can use push notifications and in minutes you will have real traffic on your site.

E-mail marketing can be the contact door with the customer to motivate them through a funnel strategy and achieve a reach and visibility over time, unlike push web notifications, time is crucial and the immediacy of their results make this tool become the market’s favorite when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy.

Then, saying the above, we can emphasize that both web push notifications and e-mail marketing complement each other in a successful marketing strategy.


Is it possible to use e-mail marketing and push web notifications in the same strategy?

Yes, it is possible and even attractive and efficient in obtaining results. When using push web notifications, we are within users’ devices with their full authorization, which allows a greater reach than e-mail marketing, given the policies and requirements, to avoid unwanted emails or intrusive campaigns, which are they usually do with the misuse of e-mail marketing, but it is also true that as a complement to the web push notifications strategy, e-mail is effective when making a conversion funnel, for those users who have not yet decided to Buy your product or service.

One of the disadvantages of e-mail marketing, where it becomes intrusive is the continuous contact of users with their mail, where to receive 3 times or more an advertising or any way of approaching the client, they are intrusive and you will be at risk of definitely losing your users.

Therefore, push notifications are the best alternative when we talk about really captivating the user and turning him into a potential client immediately or over time.

Undoubtedly, the possibilities of being immediately entered into the browser in real time, make push notifications a more effective channel than any other, so in WhatPush we have specialized in increasing your conversion levels by developing a high level platform, which, In a dynamic way, geographically segmented, by category, among other aspects, we can help to encourage your traffic and achieve high conversion levels.

We have thoroughly analyzed each market in which we can help our users: e-commerce, banking and finance, health and beauty, employment, among others.

There are different ways to incentivize your users, generate exchange of relevant information, generate impact campaigns, since, send a notification to them in a personalized way and opportunely attracts users and helps them in the process of purchase, to define more easily.


So, is it a good option to use push notifications or e-mail marketing?

It is not about defining if you use one alternative or another, it is an intelligent marketing strategy, you must select the best of each channel and convert them into allies of your conversion strategy.

In terms of segmentation, reaction, immediate capture of users and calls to action in real time, using push notifications is extraordinary, which is why WhatPush has high quality traffic to achieve your monetization goals.

This quality traffic will make it possible for you to approach your users more easily by turning them into sales for your business or company, interested in your products or services and reaching a higher level of commitment from your users.

Undoubtedly, push notifications are immediate, while an email does not open continuously, so it must be a correctly aligned strategy to get the results you expect.

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