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  • We pay you commissions from $ US 5 generated.
  • We make your payments in less than 48 hours.

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We are experts in innovation and creation of new monetization alternatives.

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The best of push notifications
A push notification can be sent to any mobile device or mobile device or desktop computer. Users do not need to be in a browser or use their devices to receive them and meet our objective, such as advertising a sale or suggesting relevant products to customers.
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More advantages
Push notifications are desktop specific. This implies being in agreement with RGPD, so users do not need to share relevant information such as their email, so you can easily reach a wide variety of audiences.
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More monetization
More monetization The visitor must accept only once receive notifications, with the use of innovative and compelling messages. Thus, the consumer will receive notifications on their desktop computer, even without browsing the site at that time. They are instant reminders, so that the brand remains in the minds of consumers at any time.
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We have verified that when working with the CPC format our advertisers tend to bid more for the click, which generates for the editor a greater conversion than the CPM, in addition we achieve that your base of users have a better experience, this is achieved through our development IA. Our artificial intelligence segments the campaign according to the user obtaining a high ratio in the CPC. We are happy to satisfy both the publisher and the advertiser by generating a large monetization ecosystem.
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We offer payments to publishers by paypal from $ US5 within a maximum period of 48 hours.
Our monetization tools are 100% compatible with other networks.

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WhatPush is an alternative and self-service advertising platform specialized in push notifications. Our system of push notifications is the best alternative to increase the conversion ratios and the retention of users offering the highest ROI in the market. WhatPush is a platform specially designed for publishers and advertisers.

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