Push notifications, more than a marketing tool

Push notifications are also a wonderful marketing tool, the most direct and dynamic way to stay in constant contact with your users.

What many entrepreneurs do not consider is the development of the correct strategies when executing campaigns.

This refers to the constant and unmeasured use that becomes even intrusive when generating a relationship, which can tire users and end the contact through push notifications that could be the best conversion strategy applied , of having used the tool properly. Really what any entrepreneur looking for when using marketing tools is the conversion and not the opposite.

Therefore we want to help you by telling you the step by step that will be indicated below for the proper use of push notifications.

Being WhatPush an alternative advertising platform specialized in push notifications we know how to do it correctly and execute the best strategy. First we must identify the difference between push notifications and text messages.

Many think that it is the same because they have a certain similarity, but they are not the same in any way. In both cases the messages go directly to the mobile device or desktop computer and can be seen on the screen. In order for this push notification to be viewed properly, it must have a limited character limit. Text messages tend to be longer, but the push notification may not have that feature because it may affect your conversion. That is why shorter notifications usually have a better conversion ratio.

In this way, it is very important to learn how to send push notifications with the number of correct words, both in form and in depth it is important within the marketing strategy. In the case of text messages, a marked difference with respect to the push notification is that the message will only send it to the messaging application, but the notification will direct the user to any application, precisely because it is an excellent marketing tool. conversion. Push notifications are totally free for users and text messages sometimes yes and sometimes not. That is why many companies are turning their marketing strategy today, using push notifications and not text messages, in addition customers can consider a text message as SPAM (unauthorized message) unlike notifications.

Users always know where push notifications come from and have previously authorized to receive such notifications. They have autonomy to continue receiving or not push notifications. If users do not want to receive the notifications anymore, they can be deactivated. Also, although push notifications have a high opening rate, you should not abuse your shipment because it would become a bad strategy. They must be attractive and creative.

The vast majority of users feel comfortable receiving push notifications because they generally receive information of relevance and interest to them and others even say that it increases their productivity. Therefore, your objective should be to generate information that is sufficiently relevant and attractive, and that in fact contributes value to users.

The sending of push notifications should always be controlled, since excessive shipping can be the biggest cause of deactivation and this means a big problem, since once deactivated it will not be easy to recover them. It should be remembered that users are becoming more demanding and knowledgeable. One of the best strategies is to selectively use push notifications using the users’ location.

Undoubtedly, notifications are a form of marketing to improve the user experience.

An example of this, are the E-commerce or travel agencies, use automatic notifications to generate impact campaigns and discounts, among others, information of interest for its users that alert of the news that exist as trips at lower cost, air tickets with reduced rates, better places to visit worldwide, among other topics. Unlike other marketing tools, high opening, interaction and conversion rates are achieved using notifications.

In the same way it increases the commitment of the users converting them into potential clients. In conclusion, always remember to maintain a balanced, creative and innovative strategy, without being intrusive and taking advantage of this valuable tool to increase your conversion rates.

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