Push web notifications: Discover its wonders.

Push notifications are a tool that has revolutionized the way you connect with your users and customers.

The world has changed, but in the network the transformations are vertiginous and in unimaginable times. We used to talk about email marketing as the biggest contact tool with your users, but it has become an intrusive model, which the client feels aggressively addressed most of the time. Likewise, there are as many tools, but none with as much power as push web notifications. You can create campaigns in real time, without the user having to accept the sending of said information every time.

What is not yet known in the world of marketing, is how to enhance this valuable tool, therefore, what we seek in this post is to help you understand what it is, how it works and the ways in which you can apply it really captivating your users and obtaining high conversion levels.

What are push notifications on the web?

These are instant, instant messages that appear in the browser of your users and potential customers, without the need to register or subscribe. As a special tool you can access these users on any device, desktop computer, tablets, mobile devices, among others, these are sent through websites. They are accessible to all browsers (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and all mobile operating systems.

What are its benefits?

• They are configured and installed in a simple way, allowing a perfect operation.
• One of its best features is that subscribers receive notifications and alerts anywhere in the browser.
• Another benefit that can not be offered by any other marketing tool, and only, can offer push notifications is that they can reach users even without being on your particular website, just simply be online or have your browsers working on any device. The user or potential client with only once who has entered and accepted the request for notifications, will be sufficient to have their registration. Therefore, whenever there is a new notification when you open your browser it will appear and you can be connected again with your marketing and advertising campaigns.
• The ease of registering in a push notification, is something that users highly value, when today there are multiple pages with endless requests for data. There is no need to request all your personal data or even email. They should only accept the arrival of news or new content and notifications and it will be enough to be in their browsers.

• Likewise, push notifications have the advantage of sending content to those who do not visit your website or blog constantly, without losing the effect of being a possible client, since their personal data is not requested.
• Push notifications are concrete, direct, small calls to action, where it is much more agile to mount a campaign in real time unlike email marketing or other tools, which requires more extensive, thoughtful and in-depth content to have some possibility of approaching with the users. In push notifications, users can receive attractive content, campaigns and news dynamically, in today’s world where we all want concrete messages that give us value. Time is limited for most users for their multiple activities, so push notifications allow them to quickly see their priorities and just a click to read or buy directly.
• It is not required to be a programming specialist, since any marketing manager can apply push notifications with skill thanks to its simple design.
• The conversion through push notifications is very high, taking into account that satisfies the needs of potential users and customers in an agile way, which inspires them to make purchases without deep analysis, just one step (one click) from the notification to the product or service that you want to convert.
• Another relevant aspect to keep in mind is that according to conservative statistics, of every 10 users who make an action on a website through email marketing, 7 do so with push notifications, in this way more than 50% of users perform actions When it comes to notifications, since they are well developed and are absolutely attractive. This tool is specifically linked to the user’s permission. These users receive notifications only if they have subscribed, this implies the high power that push notifications have on the web at the marketing level, actively connecting with customers.
• An adequate scope is one of the great advantages of notifications, unlike email marketing or other alternatives that end up in an unwanted mailbox and will never be seen by users, unlike notifications that arrive directly to the browser.

Who can use web push notifications to achieve their goals?

The use of push notifications is primarily to attract, promote, remember, retain and cover various marketing automation strategies, so the use of these is preferably for publishers, bloggers and anyone in online commerce. Likewise, other alternatives are not excluded, given that its results are extraordinary in any market, since it consolidates its business strategies in terms of products and services.

To better understand the markets that opt for notifications, we can list several:

Banking and finance: Different brands, financial or banking, use push notifications to promote their products or services. Remembering your users your best interest rates, agility in the approval of your credit, facilities and advantages of acquiring new products and even gifts in your installments or exception of payments in the first months.

Employment: Job portals, recruitment, selection and recruitment companies use this valuable tool with great benefits, since they publish their most attractive offers, captivating their active and not so active users to maintain a permanent relationship through their post , they promote their products as inscriptions to improve their curriculum, advise their profile in social networks and optimize their selection processes.

Education: Hundreds of academies use notifications to communicate their new courses, the alternatives they offer, free tests to engage the client, offers on special dates to acquire a higher level of knowledge, among many other alternatives for captives to their users.

E-commerce: One of the sectors that most uses this attractive tool are the E-commerce, because what better than sending a message from the shopping cart that you were making and suddenly you left pending, when you return to your house you will resume the purchase when it appears a notification reminding you of the wallet or toys you were buying. Likewise, sending promotions with the best prices of the day or comparisons of the price previous to the one currently offered or better still the last remaining units for you to make your purchase. Just with a click to get to what you really need.

We can mention many more such as travel, insurance, health, aesthetics and define how many promotion alternatives allow you to handle push web notifications and reach millions of users at very interesting costs. In another post we will expand information on other sectors and their uses, so that you locate yourself according to your possibilities to reach a greater number of potential clients.

Creating push notifications is very simple:

Must have certain parameters such as logo, photo to consolidate your relationship with users, title that indicates a specific goal, without losing creativity, should always be attractive. Example: Do you want to receive the most important job offers? Do you want to be the first to receive the best interest rates? Do you want to get the best discounts for our courses? A text that describes your intention. Example: Accept notifications to be the first. Accept the latest news in your notifications. To finish you must add two buttons to accept or not. Example: If I accept, I am delighted. If I accept, it is very helpful and also to say no.

In conclusion, using web push notifications is more than a marketing strategy, it is about consolidating your relationships with your users, strengthening your customers and converting into effective sales. It is a permanent and optimized strategy. The only thing that is missing is that you use it and begin to enjoy its great and wonderful benefits without forgetting that always the content you send is relevant to keep your users captivated and hooked.

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