The power of Push versus other monetization tools

There are multiple models of monetization in the current market, where you can get quality web traffic and convert to potential customers.

Tools such as E-mail marketing, Popads, Pop-Under, Interstitial, Videos ads, Social Ads, Display, native advertising and push notifications, among others.

Each of them have advantages that help increase the income of your company or business, where you can analyze, test and execute different strategies to determine the best for your case.

What we have clear to help you in the process and the development of your strategy is that push web notifications have a particular power to captivate users, especially for the boost it generates in your income.

The power of web push notifications

There are clearly defined and decisive advantages over other monetization tools such as:

1. The interaction that allows users instantly, where not only relevant information about the product or service is shared, but also a direct connection in a personalized way according to the user or subscriber.

This allows a continuous management of the campaigns and strategically to optimize the results captivating larger users and especially customers, because once the push is accepted by the user, effective marketing strategies can be generated, since they have shown a greater commitment with the content of your company.

More and more users want information that is relevant, not intrusive, but valuable, which allows them to know in depth the products or services and generate a definitive link with your brand.

2. Relevance and brand recognition that allows developing strategies to generate a high commitment with users. Being in the subscribers’ browsers day after day, allows you to carry out a constant and direct accompaniment, without complex labyrinths to get to the essence of your business or company. This is how users understand their commitment and perform actions that affect the increase of your income.

3. MONETIZATION is undoubtedly one of the most relevant advantages of web push notifications for both publishers and advertisers. In the case of publishers, it allows them the ability to attract audiences, with a greater visibility that optimizes monetization individually, reaching all users, making the right strategy, very different from the visualization of any other type of advertisement that can be observed sporadically and without interaction, while web push notifications guarantee their visualization to be snapshots and in case advertisers generate new conversion alternatives.

Therefore, it is that push notifications against other types of ads have an increase in visibility of 1.8%, which directly affects the increase in revenue.

4. There is even talk of the Push Ads, as the virtual replacement of E-mail marketing and this statement has real weight arguments, because to be immediately visible in the user’s browser, the interactions increase dramatically, because you do not depend of the opening as it happens in the E-mail marketing, where the user decides whether because he is interested or not to open the message and in the worst case define it as Spam, which brings negative repercussions for your business and online reputation.

It is true that push notifications are better segmented, developed and executed within marketing strategies because of their immediate opportunity to capture the attention of users, who nowadays have little time to stop in irrelevant aspects.

All of the above allows you to maximize the possibilities of obtaining revenue in an agile manner and measure a strategy in real time and in the same way obtain a quick return on investment.

5. One of the advantages that can not be missing is the personalization of the content that web push notifications allow, which is developed in a relevant way, making part of the user’s needs in their day to day, as the subscribers have previously accepted receive all the information that you want to send as news, post, products or services, for this reason your campaigns must be developed meticulously, intelligently and especially always thought in said users to keep them captivated.

6. Another advantage to be taken into account for both marketing agencies and webmasters and others, is the possibility that push notifications allow to generate MQL and SQL leads, since they can be segmented, determined by interest group and geolocated. When performing a relevant campaign, the user to interact will surely arrive at your landing page and you will have your e-mail, where in this case you can start a funnel and detect the true interests of your audience, generating leads that you will convert into constant customers and permanent.

We can mention many other advantages that will indicate that this is a truly infallible and decisive tool in the increase of your income, since more and more web connoisseurs, webmasters, companies, businesses and others are inclined to adhere to this valuable tool within their positioning and monetization strategies.

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